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Yes, You Can Do Same-Day Hips
A surgery center is doing 40-minute hip replacements and sending patients home in 3 hours with remarkable results.

When the Doc Becomes the Patient
An anesthesiologist used to being above the table shares 6 lessons she learned while being on the table.

Improving Your Arthroscopic Efficiency
Tips and technology to step up a busy schedule.

Regional's Building Blocks
4 keys to improving pain management for orthopedic procedures.

How We Cut Our Ortho Costs to the Bone
3 smart, simple strategies to save on implants and supplies.

Make Orthopedic SSIs All But Disappear
We're zeroing in on zero, using these 9 steps.

Backbones to Successful Spine
Upgrades to imaging, instruments and intraoperative monitoring improve outpatient outcomes.

Two Gloves Are Better Than One
Double-gloving is proven to reduce risks of sharps injuries and exposure to bloodborne infections.

What's New in Tourniquet Technology
These advances in instruments and cuffs provide greater safety and efficacy for your patients.

The Easy Way to Add Laser Cataracts
Cataract outsourcing companies will bring the femtosecond laser to you.

Managing Radiation Exposure in the OR
5 steps to safe C-arm use.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Really Relaxed Patients
A Little Valium Eases the Anxiety

Ideas That Work: Standard Time
Egg Timers Ensure Proper Decontamination

Ideas That Work: DIY Patient Positioning
Saline Bags Make Great Shoulder Rolls

Ideas That Work: Sterile Saline vs. BSS
A Cost-Effective Irrigation Alternative

Ideas That Work: Breath Of Fresh Air
Surgical Odors Be Gone

Ideas That Work: Handwritten Thanks
Let All Staff Sign Patient Get-Well Cards

Ideas That Work: Cockpit Silence
Silence, Please, During Counts

Ideas That Work: Better Organization
Color-Coded Charts Save Time


Editor's Page: Unholy Alliance
The industry suffers every time an ASC is converted to an HOPD.

Legal Update: The Dangers of Trying to Profit from Anesthesia
Risk running afoul of anti-kickback law when you take what's not yours.

Safety: 5 Tips for Treating Addicted Patients
A dignified way to treat their addiction and their surgical recovery.

Thinking of Buying ... Surgical Power Tools
Here are 4 keys to getting your orthopods the toys they'll love.

Product News

Ask the Etiquette Doctor: Help! I Don't Know Which Dinner Roll Is Mine
Good table manners make a favorable impression. Think 'BMW.'

Cutting Remarks: Don't You Just Hate Confusing Post-Op Orders?
The clearer that I can make my discharge instructions, the better.

Behind Closed Doors: Traveler in a Tundra State
And you thought your ORs were cold?

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