Archive February 2014 XV, No. 2


Zero Tolerance for Never Events
Can we get to zero? Yes, experts say it can be done.

How to Avoid Hospital-Acquired Conditions
Advice on preventing retained objects, pressure ulcers, SSIs and falls.

Overcome the Obstacles In Online Pre-Admissions
Early adopters share what they've learned.

Equip Your ORs for Sharps Safety
Safety-engineered sharps and trays provide passing protection.

Can Ventral Hernia Surgery Be Profitable?
Facility leaders say it starts with communication and cost control.

See It Now: Advances in GI Visualization
Recent innovations are bringing everything into sharper focus.

Beware the Biofilm
The microscopic residue of surgery and exams can cause big-time problems.

The Unintended Consequences Of Unintended Hypothermia
Warming's not just about patient comfort. There are very real threats in even mild hypothermia.

How We're Pushing the Outpatient Spine Envelope
Six ways you can innovate to perform bigger cases with better outcomes.

How Healthcare Reform is Reshaping Surgery
Efficiency and versatility define the Obamacare OR.

Making The Case for Reposables
Limited-use instruments and devices save money and prevent waste.

Airway Disaster Averted
How to avoid losing airways -- and how to save the day when something goes wrong.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: The Tegaderm Stretch
Don't Peel Off the Tegaderm -- Stretch It

Ideas That Work: Floor Clings
How We Reinforced Our Commitment to Safety With Custom Floor Decals

Ideas That Work: Double Occupancy
Reward Your Busiest Surgeon With 2 Teams

Ideas That Work: Cataracts + Capnography
Avoid Inaccurate CO2 Capnography Readings

Ideas That Work: Rail Clamps
A DIY Hand Table

Ideas That Work: Human Resources
How to Deal With Call-Offs

Ideas That Work: Skin solution
Another Use for Hand Sanitizer

Ideas That Work: Endoscope Care
Scope Holster Keeps Scopes Safe and Secure

Ideas That Work: Sterile Indicator
Tag Broken Instruments

Ideas That Work: Training day
Surgical Supplies: Down But Not Out


Editor's Page: ORX VI
Join us in New Orleans for a truly meaningful, memorable conference.

Anesthesia Alert: Give Your Pain Service a Shot of Efficiency
10 tips for treating chronic pain more quickly, safely and profitably.

Business Advisor: The New Rules of CareCredit Cards
Will a more burdensome application process help protect patients?

Thinking of Buying ... Contract Anesthesia Services
Pick the right provider for your facility's needs.

Safety: Gear Up for Geriatrics
They can handle surgery, but not the complications of surgery.

Product News: Neptune 2 Is Back on the Market
FDA lifts recall on popular fluid waste management device.

Cutting Remarks: (Mis) Informed Consent
Apprise patients of the reasonable risks of a procedure without scaring them to death.

Behind Closed Doors: Return of "You Might Be an OR Nurse If ..."
It's funny how nursing's routines infiltrate our lives.

February 2014

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