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Is the Stress Getting to You?
The job can consume you if you let it. Don't let it.

How Do You Warm Your Patients?
There are many ways to prevent hypothermia.

Stop Overusing Opioids
You need to manage post-op pain, not eliminate it completely.

I Didn't Know My EMR Could Do That
Our readers share the many pleasant surprises they've experienced from going paperless.

Outpatient Adenotonsillectomy Is Possible
It's time to reconsider guidelines calling for automatic overnight stays.

Evaluating Your Fluid Management Options
How are you collecting fluid waste in the wake of the Stryker Neptune recall?

10 Strategies for Surface Disinfection
Here's how to stay ahead in the battle against bioburden.

Are Your Endoscopes Clean Enough?
A manager's guide to successful reprocessing.

The Economics of Laser Cataract Surgery
Many patients want improved refractive outcomes and are willing to pay for it. Will it work for your facility?

Prevent Post-Hernia Chronic Pain
Surgeons must recommit to limiting risks of the condition that affects hundreds of thousands of patients each year.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Recycling
Turn ESU Copper Cords into Cash

Ideas That Work: Chat & Chew
Snacks Keep You Informed

Ideas That Work: Color Codes
Identify Fall-Risk Patients

Ideas That Work: Pre-Op Prep
Antibiotics On Time, Every Time

Ideas That Work: Attention Grabbers
Neon Labels Serve as Removal Reminders

Ideas That Work: Deliver Rx Right To Recovery
Fill Patients' Scripts at Bedside


Editor's Page: Career Mobility
Our salary survey finds why so many of you are unhappy in your jobs.

Safety: 7 Commonsense Checklist Enhancers
Follow these tips to eliminate surgical mistakes.

Legal Update: What's In Your Employee Manual?
Up-front rules can sidestep trouble down the road.

Business Advisor: Always Say "Yes!" to More Cases
4 simple strategies to constantly grow your caseload.

Thinking of Buying ... Vein-Finding Technology
Wouldn't it be nice to visualize the vessels beneath the skin?

Product News

Anesthesia Alert: Q&A on Anesthesia Drug Shortages
Have you had to rely on unfamiliar drugs to sedate patients?

Infection Control: From the OR to Central Sterile and Back Again
There are 50 or so steps involved in cleaning an instrument tray. We set out on a quest to eliminate as many those steps as possible.

Cutting Remarks: Hey, Who Let All These People in My Room?
With so many visitors allowed in, the OR can get awfully crowded.

Behind Closed Doors: California Nights
Travel nursing is an opportunity to learn.

January 2014

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