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Secrets to Speedier Room Turnover
The sooner you can start the next case, the better.

Learning to Love EMRs
After a failed attempt at electronic recordkeeping, the second time was the charm for this surgery center.

Your Equipment's Down -- Now What?
Readers share their best tips to get your equipment working again quickly and reliably.

Crystal Clear
Are your ORs filled with the latest imaging technologies?

5 Colonoscopy Game-Changers
Several advances provide physicians with better views of more areas of the colon.

Advances in Arthroscopy
The latest systems improve outcomes thanks to improved visualization and increased stability at the operative site.

Skin Preps: What's Your Standard of Care?
Remove the guesswork so you can defend your choice in surgical skin antisepsis.

Want to Reduce Opioids? Consider the Alternatives
Most patients do fine with a combination of analgesics and regional blocks.

Killing Two Blurs With One Stone
Is combined cataract-glaucoma surgery worth considering?

4 Questions to Ask About Your Ophthalmic Microscope
Here's how to ensure you make a wise purchase.

How to Choose a Tourniquet
Select a system that's safe and effective.

What's New in Surgical Table Attachments?
Widening outpatient realm requires more versatility.

How Do You Handle Fluid Waste?
Managing runoff after the Neptune recall.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: One Good Turn
Big Wheels Improve Patient Transport

Ideas That Work: Routine Reminder
Keep Tabs On Labs

Ideas That Work: Rotate Your Supplies
Sticky Notes Highlight Soon-to-Outdate Items

Ideas That Work: Easy Identifiers
Color-Coded Cataract Surgery

Ideas That Work: Menu Options
Buy Lunch for (Most of) Your Surgeons

Ideas That Work: Care To Share?
Silence Meeting Mutterers

Ideas That Work: Cool Idea
Keep Ice Ready for MH Emergencies

Ideas That Work: Rescue Reference
Keep Kids' Colors Close By


Editor's Page: Dealing With Disruptive Physicians
You might want to kill them, but you can heal them with tough love.

Celebrating OR Excellence 2013
There was plenty of cheer and learning in Las Vegas.

Safety: Prevent Retained Surgical Sponges
How we improved the quality of our closing count.

Medical Malpractice: How Specific Is Your Informed Consent Form?
It doesn't have to all-inclusive, but it should be somewhat specific.

Legal Update: Dirty Dealing?
Whistleblower suit alleges corporate partner rigged share prices to entice new and existing docs to bring cases.

Anesthesia Alert: The Body Mechanics of Great IV Starts
With a 97% first-try success rate, we've ditched the Band-Aids.

Business Advisor: Conquer Physician Credentialing
Stay on top of the great paper chase with these strategies.

Thinking of Buying ... A Smoke Evacuation System
Clear the air for OR safety with these 9 options.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: The Shaver Trial
They came, we saw, we oscillated.

Behind Closed Doors: Giving Thanks
It's one big happy family in the OR.

November 2013

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