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How Do You Measure Up?
The 10 most meaningful benchmarks to your surgical business.

Is There an Infection Risk At the Head of the Table?
There might be if your anesthesia providers are practicing poor hand hygiene.

Are Video Laryngoscopes The Standard of Care?
Readers believe every facility should have them on hand for managing difficult airways.

Advanced Placement
8 keys to success with continuous nerve blocks.

Best Practices for LMAs
Review the proper care and use of this essential supraglottic airway device.

Cataract Surgery's New Normal
Focus on improved refractive outcomes to increase patient satisfaction and pump up stagnant reimbursements.

Managing Your Chronic Pain Patients
Tips for maximizing safety and satisfaction.

The Powerful Case for Double Gloving
How to convince your OR team to put an extra pair on.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Hand Signals
Roll Back the Patient If You See a Green Hand

Ideas That Work: Scheduling
Dealing With Day-Of Cancellations

Ideas That Work: Resource Reuse
Saving Unused Blue Towels is a Green Option

Ideas That Work: Sticky Solution
Remoisten ECG Pads With Drops of Saline

Ideas That Work: Calming Effect
Soothing Sounds Sooth Patients

Ideas That Work: Storage Solution
Color-Coded Carts Keep Supplies Separated

Ideas That Work: Refreshing Retreat
Something Cold for A Quarter (Yes, 25¢!)


Editor's Page: Hospital or Hospitality?
Direct-to-patient marketing might not be such a bad idea nowadays.

Legal Update: Test Your HR IQ
Let's brush up on labor and employment laws.

Business Advisor: Are You Ready for ACOs?
Act now to stay relevant in healthcare's changing landscape.

Thinking of Buying … Anesthesia Machines
Electronic advances make the case for an upgrade.

Safety: Only You Can Prevent Surgical Fires
3 basic precautions will keep the flames from flying in your ORs.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Help, My Equipment's on the Fritz
My day fades to black when technical difficulties visit my OR.

Behind Closed Doors: An Advice Column for OR Nurses
Struggling with a workplace issue? "Dear Paula" is here to help.

October 2013

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