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Is Surgery Ready for Price Transparency?
The doctors who run the Surgery Center of Oklahoma — and winners of this year's financial management award — are out to expose much more than their own prices.

Patient Safety
If malignant hyperthermia ever strikes, the team at Cityview Surgery Center in Fort Worth, Texas, is ready.

Infection Control
The OR and central sterile staffs at the Callahan Eye Hospital Health Care Authority in Birmingham, Ala., work together to make real change happen.

Staff and Patient Satisfaction
The Surgi-Center of Central Virginia in Fredericksburg keeps them engaged.

Pain Management
Pre-op analgesia makes the difference at the Texas Health Women's Specialty Surgery Center in Dallas.

11 GI Efficiency-Boosters You Can Implement Today
Sensible solutions to help your endo suites run as safely and as profitably as possible.

Here's to Better Laparoscopic Views
A review of the milestones that have helped advance the quality of the images laparoscopic surgeons work with.

What's New in Trocar Technology
The latest innovations in laparoscopic access that improve surgical safety, efficiency and economy.

What Surgeons Want When Cutting & Sealing
Choosing the right instrument boils down to performance, reliability and safety.

How Mesh Manages Better Outcomes
A once-overlooked supply's innovations are part of the solution.

Get the Most Out of Your Time Out
Construct time outs so that your surgeons and staff are engaged.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Calming Young Patients
Kids Can Be Pills, So We Give Them a Tablet

Ideas That Work: 3:00 Timer
Ensure Prep Dry Time

Ideas That Work: Alert Clasps
On a Wristband, Green Means Go

Ideas That Work: No More Cardboard Boxes
Store Supplies in Ziploc Bags

Ideas That Work: Eyeglass Cases
No More Lost Eyeglasses

Ideas That Work: Patient Safety
Crash Cart Ergonomics

Ideas That Work: Housekeeping Time Saver
Bundle Linens to Speed Turnovers

Ideas That Work: Emergency Response
MH Task Cards

Ideas That Work: Goodie Box
What Are Your Surgeons' Favorite Snacks?

Ideas That Work: After the Cases Are Done
Ask Your Staff to Empty Their Pockets of Valuable Supplies


Editor's Page: Top 10 Reasons to Come to OR Excellence
Hope to see you next month in Vegas at our 5th annual conference.

Business Advisor: Who's Afraid of Social Media?
You should jump in and join the conversation.

Coding & Billing: Inside Breast Reconstructions and Revisions
Your guide to getting reimbursed for breast surgery.

Legal Update: New HIPAA Rules Protect Patients' Electronic Data
10 steps to safeguard exchanges on the web.

Staffing: Take Your Team From Good to Great
3 opportunities to make your staff the best they can be.

Anesthesia Alert: Are Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks for You?
They can be, with the proper patient selection and good education.

Safety: 4 Ways to Stop DVT in Its Tracks
Simple but effective protocols protect patients from the silent killer.

Infection Prevention: Reducing SSIs in Diabetics
Glucose control is just one part of a much bigger picture.

Product News

Cutting Remarks: Secrets to Running 2 Rooms After 5 p.m.
When my cases run late, I'II do anything to staff both my rooms.

Behind Closed Doors: The Paradox of Being an OR Nurse
We have more than ever before, but are we really better off?

September 2013

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