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Best Buys
These products will look great in your ORs.

Smooth Operations: Using Technology to Streamline Admissions
A wide array of communication channels helps produce better outcomes.

Are Those High-Touch Surfaces Clean?
Probably not. Learn the simple tricks to improving your OR environmental hygiene.

From the Site to the Sight
How imaging advances are improving surgical views.

Do's and Don'ts of Immediate-Use Sterilization
If you're going to flash your instruments, at least do it right. Here are 6 keys.

Innovations in Gastroenterology
A look at the hot new devices on display at Digestive Disease Week.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Hydrogen Peroxide
How to Remove Bloodstains

Ideas That Work: Skin Adhesive Removers
Pull Off Adhesive Tape Without the Ouch

Ideas That Work: Patient Warming
Ahhh, A Nice Warm OR Bed

Ideas That Work: Wrong-Site Surgery
IV Bag Stickers ID Correct Site

Ideas That Work: Drain An Abscess With Less Mess
A Suctioning Solution for Smelly Sores

Ideas That Work: Modifier -59
New Shoulder Arthroscopy Reporting Rules

Ideas That Work: Nasal Congestion
4 Pumps of Nasal Spray in Pre-Op


Editor's Page: Another Photo Bomb
We got blasted for June's cover photo. Did we deserve it?

Ideas That Work: Hair Care
Share This Trick With Patients To Wash Bacitracin Out of Hair

Letters & E-mails: Was Positioning Cover Photo Degrading?
Give Male Nurses Their Due

Staffing: The Art of the Employee Interview
Take chance out of the hiring process with these 10 must-ask questions.

Coding & Billing: 10 Things Insurers Don't Want You to Know
Learn the keys to fighting denials and fending off refund demands.

Physician Relations: Make Your New Docs Feel Welcome
Surgeon orientation improves teamwork and outcomes in the OR.

Thinking of Buying ... Ophthalmic Safety Blades
Make shielded sharps work for you.

Infection Prevention: Video's Starring Role in Better Hand Hygiene
How diligent monitoring improved our hand-washing compliance.

Anesthesia Alert: Anesthesia for the Pregnant Patient
Tips for when expectant mothers undergo non-obstetric surgery.

Cutting Remarks: Help, We've Gone Electronic!
I really wish I'd taken typing in high school.

Behind Closed Doors: Going to the Dogs
Which breeds inhabit your OR?

July 2013

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