Archive April 2013 XIV, No. 4


Marking Madness
Anything other than "yes" or the surgeon's initials is a written invitation to wrong-site surgery.

New Thinking on Patient Warming
Is pre-warming an idea whose time has come?

6 Great Reasons to Seek Accreditation
For this surgery center, there is no better investment.

It's Time to Add Image-Guided ENT
Surgeons are seeking out the technology that gives them confidence during delicate dissections.

How the Fluid Waste Recall Affects You
Expert advice for your options moving forward.

Keep Your Cataracts Uncomplicated
Experts discuss the practices and products that can prevent problems.

What's New in Ophthalmic Laser Treatment
An overview of 5 new options for YAG, retinopathy and glaucoma procedures.

4 Pain Management Building Blocks
The essentials you need to add these profitable cases.

Lessons Learned From Malignant Hyperthermia
How would your OR team react in these real-life situations?

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Lessons From BMW
Pick Surgical Supplies Like An Automotive Assembly Line

Ideas That Work: Marketing Your Facility
It Pays to Reach Out to Physicians' Schedulers

Ideas That Work: Case-Cost Savings
Mark Supply Prices Right On Boxes

Ideas That Work: Handy Guy To Have Around
Train a Nurse to Fix Surgical Equipment

Ideas That Work: SSI Prevention
Make Chlorhexidine Pre-Op Showers Count

Ideas That Work: Save On IV Bags
Better to Hang a 1L Bag Than 2 500cc Bags


Editor's Page - Robot's Reach in the OR Exceeds Its Grasp
Sales reps worked every angle to get surgeons to use the da Vinci.

Staffing - 5 OR Border Control Tips for Vendors
Keep sales reps in line when you let them behind closed doors.

Medical Malpractice - Suit-Proof Your Documentation
Charting errors can come back to haunt you if you're sued.

Coding & Billing - How to Bill for Premium IOLs
Medicare has strict rules about billing patients for the difference.

Legal Update - Office-Based Suites Forced to Forfeit Facility Fees
Many insurers are auditing office-based surgery suites and asking for givebacks.

Thinking of Buying ... Airway Visualization Devices
Tips on buying video laryngoscopes for smoother intubations.

Safety - Speak Up for Surgical Safety
It's the difficult conversations that help protect patients.

Anesthesia Alert - How to Decrease Your PONV Rates
These 3 steps resulted in a 5% drop in our already-low incidence.

Product News

Cutting Remarks - Ode to PACU Nurses
Our post-op caregivers are the embodiment of tough love.

Behind Closed Doors - Enjoy Your Stay
From luxury class to budget class, new options for surgical consumers.

April 2013

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