Archive February 2013 XIV, No. 2


Do Your Anesthesia Providers Go Above & Beyond?
They should be doing a whole lot more than giving a safe anesthetic.

GI Done Right
Practical pearls to kick your endo services up a notch.

A Closer Look at Laser Cataract Surgery
Is the technology right for your facility?

The Lowdown on Low-Flow Anesthesia
Minimizing volatile anesthetic delivery maximizes its benefits.

Primer on Video Integration
What you need to know, from camera tip to monitor — and everything in between.

Take Advantage of Pain Pump Advances
Can these improvements provide better relief?

Going Green 101
6 simple ways to do your part.

Got EMR?
A special report on the state of electronic medical records implementation in outpatient surgery.

Our Approach to Surface Disinfection
The products and practices that keep our facility free of infection.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Pre-Op Checklist
Prepare for Patients Properly

Ideas That Work: Custom Whiteboards
All the Day's Cases, All in One Place

Ideas That Work: Accreditation Preparation
Proof That Your Fire Extinguishers Were Inspected

Ideas That Work: Soothing Strategy
Try Massage Therapy For Post-Op Pain

Ideas That Work: Medication Expirations
Delineate First- and Last-of-the-Month Dates


Editor's Page - What's Wrong With This Picture?
We need a photo editor. You need to practice safer surgery.

Letters & E-mails

Staffing - Do You Have an Addict on Staff?
How to deal with suspected alcohol and substance abuse.

Medical Malpractice - 4 Risk Management Tips for Intake of Drugs
These strategies will protect you in the event of a recall.

Business Advisor - Accounting 101: What's a Balance Sheet?
A balance sheet has 3 parts: assets, liabilities and ownership equity.

Infection Prevention - Combat Flu in Your Facility
With flu season in full swing early, take these 3 defensive measures.

Thinking of Buying - Cloud-Based Management Services
Options for taking your operations online, and off-site.

Product News

Cutting Remarks - What's for Lunch?
The staff lounge can be hazardous to your health.

Behind Closed Doors - If You Weren't an OR Nurse ...
What would we do if we didn't work in surgery?

February 2013

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