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Time for a Raise?
Our 2012 salary survey shows surgical facility leaders are long overdue for a pay hike.

Technology for Smoother IV Starts
Increase first-stick success with safety catheters and vein finders.

5 Ways to Faster Cataracts
Think maintaining efficiency in a surgery center is tough? Try doing it in a hospital.

Demystifying Surgical Video
All you need to know about 6 emerging display features.

5 New Products for Better Hernia Repair
The latest in mesh, positioning tools and fixation options.

Behind Closed Doors - As Seen on TV
Aren't you glad you don't work in a television hospital?

Smoke Evacuation Success Stories
Clearing the air, for safety's sake.

Real Sharps Injuries, Real Solutions
Check out the lessons learned from these real-life accidents.

Are Your Instruments Really Sterile?
They are if you understand how indicators work and what sterilizer printouts say.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Scope Turnover
A Better Way to Dry Your Endoscopes

Ideas That Work: Staff Burnout
Keep Long Shifts in Check

Ideas That Work: Scalpel Skills
Surgeon Pumpkin-Carving Contest

Ideas That Work: Hard-To-Miss Reminder
Hang Site-Marking Signs on IV Poles

Ideas That Work: Hire The Right Personalities
Only Fun, Friendly People Need Apply


Editor's Page - Cash-Only Surgery
Surgery center posts all-inclusive prices for surgery online.

Letters & E-mails

Business Advisor - Ready for the New Healthcare Consumer?
Cost concerns have turned patients into proactive customers.

Coding & Billing - Clean Codes Will Safeguard Your Revenue
You can't afford to submit inaccurate reimbursement claims.

Medical Malpractice - How to Lose a Malpractice Case
Here are the strategies plaintiffs' lawyers don't want you to know.

Legal Update - The Legality of Adding a Physician-Owner
With proper documentation, selling equity to new doctors is easy.

Anesthesia Alert - Prevent Post-Op Delirium and Dysfunction
Elderly patients are at risk any time they undergo surgery.

Safety - How to Avoid Medication Labeling Errors
Ensure that your patients don't receive incorrect medications.

Infection Prevention - How Well Do You Know Your Microorganisms?
Test your knowledge of the microscopic monsters lurking in your ORs.

Product News - A Silver Solution Against SSIs
Metallic-plated nylon dressings have wounds covered.

Cutting Remarks - The Waiting Room
You learn a lot when you visit the patient's family after surgery.

Ideas That Work
Efficient endoscope drying - A site-marking reminder - Hire fun, friendly people

January 2013

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