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6 Debates in Skin Prepping
Experts and evidence clear the way for straightforward protocols.

Smart Ways to Save on Waste Disposal
Turn all of the waste that your operating room produces into something positive.

What's New in Anesthesia?
Checking out the innovations on display at the American Society of Anesthesiologists' annual meeting.

How to Handle Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Head off airway and other risks posed by this relatively common disorder.

6 Tips for Efficient ENT
How our center maintains high volumes, happy patients and quality outcomes.

The ABC's of Automated Endoscope Reprocessors
Here's what to look for when shopping for units that turn around scopes quickly and safely.

Catheter Cautions
The ins and outs of preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

Eye in the Sky
The benefits of capturing video from above.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Hygiene On Hand
Include Hand Sanitizer in IV Kits

Ideas That Work: First-Stick Success
6 Quick Tips for Painless IV Starts

Ideas That Work: Calming Kids Before Surgery
Can SpongeBob Relieve Kids' Anxiety Before Anesthesia?

Ideas That Work: Wrong-Site Surgery
The Semantics of Right Correct-Side Surgery

Ideas That Work: Patient Flow
Assign Your Docs Bed Spots

Ideas That Work: Birthday And Business
Keep Your Credentialing Files Up to Date

Ideas That Work: Smart Start
Begin Patient Education Early

Ideas That Work: Brighten Up Your Bays
A Bit of Paint Pleases Pre-Op Patients


Editor's Page - Back to School
Many hospitals are forcing their RNs to enroll in bachelor's programs.

Letters & E-mails

Staffing - In Search of the Perfect OR Nurse
Wouldn't part Florence Nightingale, part MacGyver be great?

Legal Update - What's Weighing on the Minds of Your Docs?
Your physicians' hot-button concerns can affect your facility.

Coding & Billing - Late-Breaking Changes to Coding Guidelines
Critical updates to ensure coding compliance and optimal revenue.

Business Advisor - Capitalize or Expense That New ENT Scope?
Breaking down the real costs of buying capital equipment.

Infection Prevention - How We Slashed Our Colorectal SSIs
Johns Hopkins reduced its infection rate using these 4 steps.

Thinking of Buying … Safety Sharps
A system for selecting safety devices that your surgeons will use.

Safety - Protect Patients With Piercings
Remove all body jewelry before procedures begin.

Product News

Cutting Remarks - Hanging Out at the Scrub Sink
You can learn a lot from the way someone performs the hand and arm scrub.

Behind Closed Doors - A Christmas List for the OR
Because Paula and her friends have been nice, mostly

December 2012

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