Archive November 2012 XIII, No. 11


Laser Cataracts
Will bladeless surgery catch on?

A Nerve Block For Every Patient?
Well, not quite, but regional has become the anesthesia solution for more and more procedures.

Getting the Big Picture on HD
Experts answer your most commonly asked questions about high-res surgical video.

Tips for Integrating New Flash Containers
When buying rapid-cycle steam sterilization containers, it's important to keep your protocols in mind.

The Trials and Tribulations of Going Paperless
The switch from paper charts to computers is fraught with potential problems. We've learned some lessons the hard way.

Low-Temperature Sterilization: Are You In the Know?
Advice for reprocessing delicate items that can't stand the heat.

How Would You Warm This Patient?
Use these 6 case scenarios to determine which warming methods you'd choose.

How We Started a Spine Program
Slow and steady wins the race when adding surgery's hottest — and most lucrative — specialty.

The Case for Outsourcing Cataracts
A turnkey approach lets you add cases without hassle or financial risk.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Profit Sharing
Quarterly Staff Bonus Checks Worth a Week's Salary

Ideas That Work: Let It Be Written, Let It Be Done
Document Telephone Contacts With Patients

Ideas That Work: Smart Storage
Highlight Soon-to-Expire Supplies

Ideas That Work: Post-Op Paperwork
Make Discharge Directions Stand Out

Ideas That Work: Something Nice To Say
Start Your Staff Meetings on a Positive Note

Ideas That Work: Technical Training
Immersive Training Acquaints Techs With the Details


Editor's Page - The Trouble With How You're Paid for Surgery
Is it any wonder hospitals are acquiring ASCs and flipping them?

Special Report: Tainted Steroids
The Latest on the Deadly Meningitis Outbreak

Business Advisor - A Tale of 2 ASCs Merging
Friendly foes hope a single, stronger center emerges from union.

Infection Prevention - Test Your Instrument Reprocessing Acumen
Our quiz tackles sterilization and high-level disinfection protocols.

Thinking of Buying - Prepared Pharmaceuticals
The fungal meningitis outbreak has raised safety concerns.

Product News

Safety - 5 Keys to Running Effective Fire Drills
Treating dry runs like the real deal hammers home key lessons.

Cutting Remarks - Sales Pitches or Curveballs?
Look out, they just let the shoulder implant reps loose in our ORs.

Behind Closed Doors - Petty Grievances
Little things that get under our skin.

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