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It's Time to Go Smoke-Free
Everyone knows surgical plume is dangerous, so why isn't everyone evacuating it?

10 Things You Can Expect From Your Accreditation Surveyor
Taking the mystery out of what happens when the surveyors show up at your front door.

Stretcher Tables To the Rescue
It's a recliner, stretcher and OR table in one.

How Would You Prep This Patient?
The art and science of patient prepping.

Don't Disregard Decontamination
Before you can sterilize instruments, you must manually or mechanically clean them.

Taking Room Disinfection To a New Level
Whole-room disinfection systems are a powerful ally in your fight against infections.

Secrets of High-Volume Retina Centers
What advice can they offer on managing the time and cost of posterior segment surgery?

Going GPO Shopping?
Ask these 7 key questions before entering into a group purchasing organization contract.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: To Dilate Difficult Veins
Fill Exam Gloves With Warm Water

Ideas That Work: Medication Safety
Store Look-Alike Drugs in Egg Trays

Ideas That Work: Grab-And-Go GI Carts
Keep Your Endo Cases Moving

Ideas That Work: Waiting Room Etiquette
Don't Shout Out the Next Patient's Name

Ideas That Work: Emergency Response
Who's Your Fire Captain?

Ideas That Work: On Call
Have Block Nurses Carry Cell Phones

Ideas That Work: Compliance At A Glance
Doing it Military-Style With a Table of Operations

Ideas That Work: Quicker Picker-Upper
Clean the Floor With Used Cautery Pads


Editor's Page - The Link Between Nurse Burnout and SSIs
Protecting nurses from burnout also protects patients from infection.

Letters & E-Mails

Medical Malpractice - New
Malpractice Twist: Civil Rights Claims

Civil rights violations sidestep the need for expert testimony.

Legal Update - Defuse Disruptive Docs
The law's on your side when it comes to disciplining abusive surgeons.

Drug Safety - Is That Exparel or Propofol?
The dangers of reaching for the wrong milky-white medication.

Infection Prevention - 4 Ways to
Prevent Joint Replacement SSIs

What you should do before every hip and knee replacement case.

Safety - 5 Steps to Safer EMRs
Electronic recordkeeping helps protect patients, but dangers still exist.

Anesthesia Alert - Who Should Sedate GI Patients?
Make room for anesthesia providers in the endoscopy suite.

Cutting Remarks - The Day I Accidentally Released My OR Time
Lessons learned from a surgeon's misadventure in scheduling.

Amazed & Amused - Can Humor Improve Post-Op Compliance?
Harness humor's disruptive force for better patient outcomes.

Product News

Behind Closed Doors-Do You Déjà Vu?
Sometimes you've seen it all, but don't know it yet.

August 2012

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