Archive July 2012 XIII, No. 7


10 Products You Can't Live Without
Ingenious devices that will make your facility better without breaking your budget.

OIG to Surgeons: 'Hands Off Anesthesia Fees!'
Advisory opinion strongly condemns surgeons from asking anesthesia providers for kickbacks.

Off to See the Wizards
These workflow and documentation aids will let our staff prepare for and document cases like never before.

Battling Superbugs with the Basics
Multi-drug resistant organisms put a new emphasis on hand hygiene and environmental cleaning.

5 Questions to Ask Your Laundry Service
Expect more than properly cleaned and neatly pressed linens.

What's New in Gastroenterology
A look at the latest devices and technologies showcased at this year's Digestive Disease Week.

Secrets of High-Volume Pain Centers
Some of the nation's busiest facilities explain how they achieved excellent outcomes, efficiency and profitability.

Glaucoma Undergoes a Surgical Renaissance
Trabeculectomy isn't the only game in town anymore. Here's an overview of the latest in micro-invasive glaucoma surgery.

The Art of Efficient Arthroscopy
6 practical tips to boost your case throughput.

How Wireless Can We Go?
5 wireless technologies that will impact your ORs.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Patient Education
Customize Your Discharge Instructions

Ideas That Work: Airway Management
How Chest Compressions Can Verify Tracheal Tube Placement

Ideas That Work: Rules And Regulations Expert
Appoint a Dedicated Compliance Officer to Keep Your Facility Organized and on Track

Ideas That Work: Monitoring
Measure EtCO2 Without a Sampling Port

Ideas That Work: Pain Medication
Simplify Your Pain Control Formulary

Ideas That Work: Pearls For Pediatric Patients
The Calming Influence of iPads


Editor's Page - Money for Nothing
Here's hoping for an end to surgeons profiting from anesthesia.

Letters & E-mails

Staffing - Hybrid Approach to Anesthesia Staffing
It pays to let your providers flow to the next available case.

Business Advisor - 7 Strategies to Get Paid for Implants
Persuade payors and vendors to cover surgery's priciest parts.

Thinking of Buying - A Sponge Management System
Even correct counts can result in retained objects.

Cutting Remarks - The Enforcer
He keeps us surgeons who can't say 'no' in line and (sort of) on time.

Amazed & Amused - Turn Up the Tunes in the Operating Room
Studies show that music improves surgical outcomes.

Behind Closed Doors - Don't Anger the Gods of Surgery
Could they be to blame for those really bad days in the OR?

July 2012

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