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Are You Hitting These Key Benchmarks?
What are the critical numbers that really tell you how you're doing?

5 Ways to Eliminate Slips and Trips
Review your OR set-ups to ensure you're doing all you can to keep staff upright and on task.

How to Equip Your Facility for Pain Management
It's not that hard to outfit that empty room for this hot specialty.

Laparoscopic Surgery Gone Wrong
As procedures become more complex and instrumentation more high-tech, can surgeons keep up?

Perfect Your IV Starts
A step-by-step guide to first-stick success.

In Eye Surgery, It's the Year of the Laser
New laser technology stole the show at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Is It Time for a New Ophthalmic Microscope?
It just might be, if your scope doesn't include these key features.

Beyond the Basics of Hand Hygiene
Use proper common sense protocols to eliminate surgical site infections.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Securing Belongings
Keep Patient Valuables In Locked Garment Bags

Ideas That Work: Preventitive Maintenance
Lubricate Power Tools to Keep Them Out of the Repair Shop

Ideas That Work: Patient Prep
Save Time by Moving Blood Draws to Holding

Ideas That Work: No More Phone Call Reminders
Send Patients Automated Text Messages the Day Before Surgery

Ideas That Work: Waiting Room Hospitality
Cookbooks Take

Ideas That Work: Medication Safety
Make Drug Expiration Dates Stand Out

Ideas That Work: "Ambulatory" Surgery
Some Patients Walk to the OR

Ideas That Work: Breaking Bread
Hold Weekly Staff-Doctor Lunches


Editor's Page - Measure What Matters
Don't waste your time on these 5 not-so-useful benchmarks.

Staffing - Move Staff Communications Online
Create a surgery-specific website.

Coding & Billing - Podiatry's
Most Challenging Procedure to Code

What you need to know about Haglund's deformity resection.

Legal Update - No Such Thing as a Free Ride
Steer clear of the pitfalls of complimentary patient transportation.

Infection Prevention - The Hidden Dangers of Going Paperless
Keyboards and touchscreens can be breeding grounds for infections.

Thinking of Buying... OR Lights
Make sure that bright, cool LEDs work in your surgical workspaces.

Anesthesia Alert - The Road to E-Documentation in Anesthesia
Let your anesthesia providers focus on the patient, not the chart.

Product News

Behind Closed Doors - Bless This Mess
A place for everything, but supply shelves in disgrace.

June 2012

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