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Do Your Post-Op Patients Feel Good Enough to Eat?
They will if you eliminate their pain and PONV.

Lessons Learned From Our Surprise Medicare Survey
They found holes in our charts, policies and procedures - and one in a mattress.

Are Your Anesthesia Providers an Infection Risk?
Insights on anti-microbial safety at the head of the table.

Endoscope Reprocessing Done Right
It's time to review your high-level disinfection protocols to ensure they meet national guidelines.

Still Handwriting Your Medication Labels?
Preprinted and custom-made labels are a safer, more efficient alternative.

Shaking the Stigma of Reprocessed SUDs
Use the tools at your disposal to separate fact from fiction.

Open Your Eyes to Retina, Cornea and Glaucoma
Advice on adding these procedures to your eye surgery services.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Quicker Hair Picker-Upper
Use a Shipping Label to Remove Clipped Hair From Patient's Skin

Ideas That Work: Ticket To Ride
No Admittance to the OR Without This Completed Form

Ideas That Work: Clear Views
Keep Dental Mirrors From Fogging

Ideas That Work: Albumin Therapy
How to Get Albumin to Flow Faster

Ideas That Work: Medication Safety
Reduce Risk With Customized Drug Order Sheets

Ideas That Work: Oh, Doctor, Where Are You?
Wireless Doorbell Will Get Their Attention

Ideas That Work: Putting Unused Block Time To Work
A Sweet Way to Squeeze in Another Case

Ideas That Work: Waiting Patients
Stickers Ensure Everyone Knows About Delays

Ideas That Work: Tame Those Anesthesia Cords
Try Braiding Them Together


Editor's Page
Perverse Incentives

Letters & E-Mails

Business Advisor
Tips for E-Mail Etiquette

Legal Update
Getting Your Center in Order Before You Sell

Coding & Billing
How to Renegotiate a Managed Care Contract

Celebrate Your Near-Misses

Thinking of Buying...Floor-Based Fluid Management Products
These simple solutions keep your floors drier and safer.

OR Excellence
Prune Your Surgeons' Preference Cards

Anesthesia Alert
Helping Anesthetists Deal With Catastrophes

Product News
One-Handed Suturing Device Saves Time, Money

Amazed and Amused
Humor or Hostility?

Behind Closed Doors
This is the Way We Milk the Clock

April 2012

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