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Mark the Site Right
How do your site-marking protocols compare to the more than 500 surgical facilities we surveyed?

In Cataract Surgery, The Little Things Matter
For peak cataract surgery efficiency, the devil's in the details.

4 Steps to Scrubbing Success
Hand hygiene is such a simple, basic and effective way to prevent infections. So why isn't everyone doing it properly?

Laying the Foundation for Our EMR System
Documenting our existing paper workflow will help us streamline, automate and improve the efficiency of our paperless product.

6 Keys to a Successful Synthetic Glove Trial
Looking at non-latex options? Follow these steps to find the right fit.

Secrets to Success With Reprocessing
Ongoing surgeon and nurse education could be the difference-maker.

Protect Your Online Reputation
Don't let one angry patient trash your good name on the Internet. Here are 7 things you can do to fight back.

It's Time to Trial a New Anesthesia Machine
The latest features improve efficiency and patient safety.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Stain Removal
Fast and Easy Way to Remove Dried Blood

Ideas That Work: Day-After Communication With Patients
Could Texting Patients Lower Post-Surgical Readmissions?

Ideas That Work: Garment Bag
Make Getting Changed for Surgery Quick and Easy

Ideas That Work: Surgical Slideshow
Promote Your Facility With Digital Picture Frames

Ideas That Work: Medication Security
Secure Your Med Room With a Combination Code Lock

Ideas That Work: Staff Improvement
A Journal Club Makes Learning Fun


Editor's Page
A Surgeon's Video Game Addiction

Secrets to Attracting Young OR Nurses

Medical Malpractice
Surgical Administrators Targeted in Lawsuits

Anesthesia Alert
The Beauty of the Block Nurse

Coding & Billing
Hospital Outpatient Surgery Coding Done Right

Legal Update
Yes, You Can Show Deadweight Docs the Exit

Business Advisor
Get Paid for Pain Pumps

Amazed & Amused
Using Humor to Fight Frustration

Cutting Remarks
Instrument Tray Blues

OR Excellence
Why Worry About the Economy?

Thinking of Buying...Surgical Power Tools
Reliable service is as important as handheld power.

For Safety's Sake, Cherish Patient Complaints

Product News
Spray-On OR Cleaner

Infection Prevention
How Do You Process 900 Trays of Instruments Per Day?

Behind Closed Doors
Making Faces

March 2012

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