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Can We Eliminate Narcotics?
The effective use of non-opioid alternatives can keep your patients more comfortable in PACU.

6 Pieces of the Barrier Protection Puzzle
Proper use of surgical attire is key to preventing surgical site infections.

8 Tips for Efficient IV Catheterization
Find out the secrets to first-stick success.

When OSHA Comes Calling
How would your sharps safety and hazardous waste practices fare in an unannounced audit?

Is Accreditation Worth the Bother?
You might swear by the status of the accreditor's seal, but does it improve quality of care?

Can You Pass This Med Safety Quiz?
Look closely to find out what's wrong with these pictures.

Outsourcing Guarantees You the Latest Cataract Equipment
Nothing will please your budget and your surgeons more than having state-of-the-art technology delivered right to your door.

The Case for Closed Containers Over Blue Wrap
See how this medical center went green, improved efficiencies and saved thousands of dollars.

See Your Patients' Every Move
Real-time patient tracking systems improve perioperative communication and patient flow.

Stating Our Case for a New EMR
Before we could replace our old, outdated DOS-based records system, we had to prove that an upgrade was worth the effort and expense.

Ideas That Work

Ideas That Work: Wrong-Site Surgery Prevention
A Blue Band to Mark the Unmarkable

Ideas That Work: Marketing 101
Host an Open House For Prospective Surgeons

Ideas That Work: View From The Waiting Room
What I Learned When My Son Was a Patient

Ideas That Work: The 5 Whys Technique
It's the Best Way to Understand a Problem's True Cause


Editor's Page
The Age of Distracted Doctoring

Letters & E-Mails

Get More Bang for Your Staffing Buck

Legal Update
Hot Topics for Surgical Centers in 2012

Coding & Billing
Demystifying Key Spinal Codes

Business Advisor
Can Standalone ASCs Reinvent Themselves?

Thinking of Buying...Automated Fluid Waste Disposal Systems
They take the fuss and muss out of one of surgery's dirtiest jobs.

Anesthesia Alert
Time to Upgrade Your Vital Signs Monitors?

Ergonomics and Exercise for Your Staff

Infection Prevention
Let's Grade Your Infection Control Program

Product News

Amazed & Amused
Finding the Fallopian Tube

Behind Closed Doors
Joining the Resolution Revolution

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