Archive December 2011 XII, No. 12


Clearer, Brighter Views
Improve access and outcomes during minimally invasive procedures.

Keys to a Successful Sharps Safety Program
"Cutting edge" should be your strength, not your weakness.

Attack the Roots of Wrong-Site Surgery
Look at how you schedule patients and perform time outs to prevent this "never event" from happening.

Patient Positioning Tips
The right equipment and know-how can make surgery easier and head off complications.

Getting a Handle on Fluid Waste Disposal
Pearls to do the job more safely and efficiently.

The Latest Advancements in Anesthesia
This year's American Society of Anesthesiologists' meeting featured the newest anesthesia delivery systems, portable ultrasound imaging technology, needle placement tools, video laryngoscopes and much more.

Thinking of Buying...Patient Warming Devices
Select the best method to maintain normothermia and provide comfort.


Editor's Page
Uh-oh, OSHA's Here

Ideas That Work
Bedside check-in

Medical Malpractice
The Dangers of Dilaudid

Legal Update
Physician-Owned Side Ventures Under Scrutiny

Coding & Billing
Learn From These Coding Mistakes

How Much Do You Know About Drug Safety?

Infection Prevention
Who Should Be Your Infection Preventionist?

Product News
A really big monitor, mobile workstation, low-temperature sterilizer and more.

Amazed and Amused
Inside Jokes Exclude the Outsiders

Behind Closed Doors
It's a Real Pain When Your Batteries Drain

December 2011

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