Archive November 2011 XII, No. 11


Good to Be Green
Huge savings show sustainability isn't just for the environmentalists.

How to Make an EMR Truly Yours
The quest for software that replicates your workflows and mimics your forms.

Dual Guidance, Multiple Advantages
The combination of nerve stimulation and ultrasound imaging ensures regional anesthesia efficiency.

What's in a (Drug) Name?
Smart labeling and storage practices greatly reduce the possibility of errors.

What's Hanging From Your Ceiling?
Readers tell us which instruments and appliances are mounted on booms.

What Do You Know About Post-Op Urinary Retention?
Answers to 5 critical questions surrounding this common post-op problem.

What Makes My Busy GI Center Tick
Going fast is key to our profitability. Here's how we keep patients moving.

Game Changers in Arthroscopic Surgery
An orthopedic surgeon runs down the indispensable tools of the trade.

Clearing Reimbursement Hurdles
Fight back when insurers place obstacles between you and your money.

Thinking of Buying...An Ophthalmic Microscope
Inside the cataract surgeon's most important piece of equipment.


Editor's Page
OR Excellence Finds Its Stride

Ideas That Work
Track patients from door to door

Is It Time to Give Your Staff a Raise?

Coding & Billing
Fill in the Gaps With the GA and 59 Modifiers

Infection Prevention
Rethinking Red Bag Waste

A Refresher on Fire Prevention

Anesthesia Alert
A Little Something Extra

Cutting Remarks
OR Drama

Behind Closed Doors
OR Nurses Are a Breed Apart

November 2011

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