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Hospital Closes, Reopens as an ASC
This unlikely transformation may give Texas facility a new lease on life.

Airway Strategies for Heavier Patients
Difficult intubations are just one of the many airway challenges of treating the obese.

The Art of Peripheral Block Nursing
Regional anesthesia requires OR nurses to be ready to meet a challenging set of responsibilities.

A Winning Game Plan for Pain Pumps
5 steps to ensure your continuous nerve block success.

15 Secrets of High-Performing GI Centers
What can you learn from successful endoscopy facilities?

How Do You Remove Hair?
Clippers or razor blades? In pre-op or the OR? We dive deep into your hair removal practices.

Do You Reprocess Single-Use Devices?
Our reader survey uncovers the pros and cons of reusing surgical supplies for around half the price of new.

How Do Anesthesia Machines Work?
A look under the hood of these OR mainstays.

High-Def, Low Stress
Tips on making your transition to high-definition video systems a smooth and successful one.

Can You Pass the Surveyor's White Glove Test?
Advice to help make your next accreditation survey a lot less nerve-wracking.

The Case for Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair
Minimally invasive techniques and mesh help this hernia repair avoid future failure and re-operation.

Thinking of Buying...Anesthesia Carts
These rolling storage bins keep medication and supplies at arm's reach.


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