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Archive June 2011 XII, No. 6


Clear the Clutter
Keep your staff safe and cases humming with this space-saving advice.

6 Ways (Big and Small) to Pamper Your Staff
Moisturizing hand hygiene products, gourmet coffee, a sympathetic ear and other tokens of appreciation.

Avoid These 7 Mistakes in Processing Ophthalmic Instruments
We must have zero tolerance for shortcuts in the decontamination, preparation and sterile processing of eye surgery's delicate tools.

Needlefree Does Not Mean Worry-Free
Are we reducing the risk of needlestick injury, but at the same time increasing infection risks?

Do Patients Really Need to Void Prior to Discharge?
If you require all patients to urinate before you send them home, you might want to rethink that policy.

Inside Our Surgical Headlight Trial
How to find the best system to suit your surgeons' needs and your facility's budget.

How Do You Keep OR Floors Dry?
See if your approach matches the fluid disposal methods revealed in our reader survey.

New Ways to Cut and Seal: The Changing Face of Electrosurgery
Today's energy-driven devices cut and seal tissue with more precision and less thermal spread than the traditional Bovie.

Should You Consider a Multi-Specialty Microscope?
A new class of surgical scope could benefit your budget and your case mix.

What's New in Patient Monitoring Technology
Cerebral oximetry, hemoglobin monitoring and hand-held devices gather more information when you need it most.

5 Tips for More Efficient Equipment Draping
How to isolate the common surgical equipment found in your ORs.

What's New in Minimally Invasive Surgery
A review of the latest products and technology seen at the annual meeting of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons.

Thinking of Buying...Video Laryngoscopes
The indispensable technology for unanticipated difficult airways.


Editor's Page
Surgical Slowdown

Letters & E-mails

Ideas That Work
Defining turnover time

What Are Your Employees Thinking?

Medical Malpractice
The Surefire Way to Lose a Malpractice Suit

Readers to the Rescue
Can Staff Wear Cloth Surgical Caps?

Coding & Billing
Coding for Fractures, Grafts and Wound Care

Business Advisor
7 Keys to a Successful ASC Ad Campaign

Cutting Remarks
The Lawsuit Blues

Infection Prevention
3 Tips for On-Time Antibiotic Prophylaxis

33 Small Safety Details Worth Sweating

Product News
Latex- and powder-free gloves, an endoscope image quality tester and latex-free anti-embolism stockings.

Behind Closed Doors
Endangered Species?

June 2011

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