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Reprocessing Wars
If reusing single-use devices is such a great thing, why are some device makers fuming? Probably because they're losing $250 million a year.

Are You Ready for Anatomic ACL Reconstruction?
More orthopedic surgeons are matching the knee's natural anatomy when they fix torn anterior cruciate ligaments.

Benefits of Voice Recognition Software
Are you paying too much for transcription? Dictate notes directly into your EMR.

Equipment Essentials for Single Incision Surgery
Outfitting your ORs for success is easier than you think.

Spine Surgery Success Strategies
9 tips for sustaining a profitable spine program.

How We Succeeded With Continuous Nerve Blocks
You, too, can improve patient satisfaction and bring in more cases with this post-op pain control regimen.

Making the Case for Microincisional Cataract Surgery
Existing phaco techniques are already very safe and effective. How much difference could a few tenths of a millimeter make?

Are Video Laryngoscopes the New Standard of Care?
Not yet, but some experts say the devices are revolutionizing airway management in outpatient settings.

Is This Sexual Harassment?
Knowing when incidents have crossed the line and how to handle them if they do.

Thinking of Buying...Smoke Evacuation Devices
Clearing the air to protect your staff from this ever-present hazard.

2011 OR Excellence Syllabus and Program
A look at the courses, special events and expert speakers on tap for next fall in San Diego.


Editor's Page
Miracle on the Hudson

Letters & E-mails

Ideas That Work
Manufacturers' guidelines in one place

8 Things Your Staff Hates About You

Medical Malpractice
If It Isn't Charted, It Never Happened

Legal Update
The Case for Merging 2 Marginal ASCs

Coding & Billing
Neurostimulator Electrode Reimbursement

Cutting Remarks
The Many Faces of the Time Out

Readers to the Rescue
Should Anesthesia Help Transport Patients?

Product News
Hands-free airway maintenance, automated medication management, bariatric belts and more.

Why We Created a "Safety Nurse" Position

Behind Closed Doors
Unanswered Questions of the OR

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