Archive April 2011 XII, No. 4


Surgeons for Hire
Some surgeons who fled hospitals to build competing surgery centers are now returning to hospitals, this time as employees or as partners.

How Do Your Cataract Services Rate?
Find out how you compare to your colleagues in our exclusive benchmarking survey.

Are You Ready for a RAC Audit?
CMS auditors are looking for Medicare payments you don't deserve. Here's what you need to know.

What's New for Orthopedic Surgery
Checking out the new products on display at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' annual meeting.

A Buyer's Guide to LED Lights
From color and intensity to controls and cost, here are 8 features to look for in surgical lighting.

Harness the Precision and Power of Today's Anesthesia Machines
A rundown of the new features aimed at more efficient, economical and safer patient care.

Is 3D the New HD?
The same technology that helped avatars jump through the screen at the movies is changing the way surgeons operate.

Who's Who in EMR Vendors
Which company makes the paperless software that"s right for your facility?

Thinking of Buying...Patient Positioning Devices
13 products to protect your patients from surgery's stress and strain.


Editor's Page
Young Nurses and the Death Spiral

Ideas That Work
Loaner instrument safety

Prevent Hospital-to-ASC Culture Shock

Medical Malpractice
Protect Your Online Reputation

Legal Update
Healthcare Credit Card Abuse on the Rise

Cutting Remarks
Drug-Seeking Behavior

Coding & Billing
Capitalize on New Wound Care Payments

Business Advisor
Give Your Facility a Lean Makeover

Anesthesia Alert
The Many Benefits of Today's LMAs

Infection Prevention
A Refresher Course on Terminal Cleaning

Behind Closed Doors
Too Cool to Take a Time Out?

April 2011

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