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Discharge Without Delays
Expert advice for smoothing patients" paths through PACU.

Choosing and Using Patient Warming Technology
A user"s-eye view of your options for maintaining normothermia.

DSEK, a Clear Choice in Corneal Transplant Surgery
DSEK is becoming the go-to procedure for replacing diseased tissue.

Ophthalmology Super Centers: How They Got That Way
9 secrets to building your volume and growing your business.

Habits of Highly Efficient GI Facilities
Leaders from some of the busiest centers in the nation reveal how they keep patients moving.

4 Tips for Sterilizing Items That Can't Take the Heat
Best practices to fine-tune your low-temperature sterilization protocols.

Secrets to Perfect Hand-Hygiene Compliance
Every surgical patient should generate 72 hand-sanitizing episodes of about 1ml each.

Shop Smart for Your EMR Software
10 factors to consider before you digitize your paper charts.

Strategies for More Efficient Regional Anesthesia
Anesthesia pros share their top tips for nerve block success.

How We Reduced Red Bag Waste
Many of the surgical supplies you automatically assume belong in red bag waste don

What's So Special About Specialized Drapes?
Plenty. They help collect fluid, hold instruments, organize cords and fit most any procedure.

Surgical Clippers for a Clean, Close Surgical Site
Still using razors? See why most surgical authorities recommend clippers for hair removal over razors.


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The Compound Effect

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Readers to the Rescue
Who Calls the Time Out in Your Facility?

Ideas That Work
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Cutting Remarks
Dysfunctional Docs

10 Ways You Can Become a Better Leader

Medical Malpractice
Do Your Protocols Lag Behind Your Practices?

Coding & Billing
CPT Changes You Need to Know for 2011

Product News
Non-invasive pain management, puncture-proof gloves, a red-bag waste converter, fluid suction mats and more.

Is Your Facility Protected From Risk?

Anesthesia Alert
3 Strategies to Prevent Nausea and Vomiting

Behind Closed Doors
Texting in the OR

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