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Under the Wire
Physician-owned hospitals race to beat New Year's Eve deadline before health law bars doctor-investors from building new hospitals.

Stamping Out Electrosurgery Smoke
Why a smoke evacuation device must be in every surgical suite.

Make Room for Both CHG and Iodine
Chlorhexidine gluconate shines in study after study, but here's why you should keep both skin prepping options on hand.

10 Ways to Reclaim Hidden GI Profits
Tips to maximize profits in these tough economic times.

Sharps Injuries: Enough Is Enough
Less talking, more doing. It's time to lead a culture change in your ORs.

2 Hot Trends in Arthroscopy
What's behind the increasing popularity of platelet-rich plasma therapy and anatomic ACL reconstruction?

Care and Handling of Phaco Handpieces
5 tips to keep this cataract surgery essential running smoothly for years.

What to Look for in Neurosurgical Microscopes
Here are 8 features that will please your staff as well as your surgeons.

Are You Ready for an Airway Emergency?
When faced with ventilation and intubation difficulties, quick thinking and the right equipment will avert disaster.

What's New in Anesthesia
The ASA meeting featured the latest in airway access devices, ultrasound imaging, monitoring equipment and a new drug for perioperative pain control.

It Might Be Time to Find a New Anesthesia Service If...
5 signs that your anesthesia providers aren't doing nearly enough.

Thinking of Buying...Floor-Based Fluid Disposal Products
Buy smart and you'll have no more puddles on your OR floor.


Editor's Page
Craig Jeffries's Golden Parachute

This Just In
Glaucoma and retina ASC rates get a boost

Ideas That Work
No-drip hand sanitizers

Medical Malpractice
Was the Intubation Too Forceful? Says Who?

Legal Update
Don't Discriminate Against Disabled Employees

Anesthesia Alert
The Challenges of Pediatric Anesthesia

Infection Prevention
Is Your Sterile Processing Staff Competent?

Product News
A waterless hand scrub, thermal scrub undershirts, compact barcoded labels and more

Use a Safety Checklist to Orient New Hires

Behind Closed Doors
Compassion Fatigue: The Warning Signs

December 2010

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