Archive July 2010 XI, No. 7


Dealing With the Propofol Shortage
As supplies fall dangerously low, make sure your ORs don't run dry.

What's New in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Reusable devices, tools for single-incision surgery and better views during endoscopy were featured at the 2010 SAGES meeting.

Weathering the Storm
How to maintain safety and minimize the damage when Mother Nature strikes.

Accreditation Services: Finding the Right Fit
6 things to look for when evaluating which of the 4 accrediting bodies is best for your facility.

Dual Guidance: Regional Anesthesia's Win-Win
Pairing ultrasound guidance with nerve stimulation can bring your blocks to a whole new level.

Building Your Dream GI Facility
6 ideas to increase volume, improve efficiency and boost patient satisfaction.

5 Keys to OSHA Compliance
Keeping your employees safe on the job.

Outpatient Options for Lower Back Pain
6 advanced pain management techniques.

Adding On Without Signing Off
Here's how we stayed productive (and sane) during our hospital's major renovation.

Thinking of Buying...An Ophthalmic Microscope
It's a clear choice when you consider which features your eye surgeons want.


Editor's Page
Cutting Costs vs. Cutting Corners

Letters & E-mails

Ideas That Work
Hard-to-miss time out reminder

How Tight Is Your Team?

Coding & Billing
Getting Reimbursed for New GYN Procedures

Infection Prevention
Instrument Processing Begins in the OR

Medical Malpractice
When Things Go Wrong After Hours

Legal Update
Special Care and Handling of ASC Mergers

Business Advisor
7 Strategies for Saving on Sutures

OR Excellence
For Mary LoVerde, It's All Connected

Anesthesia Alert
New Chronic Pain Guidelines

Are Piercings and Jewelry Allowed in Your ORs?

Behind Closed Doors
Yes, There's an App for That

July 2010

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