Archive June 2010 XI, No. 6


Who's Afraid of Reprocessed Single-Use Devices?
The FDA says they're safe. But are your docs comfortable with them?

Wipes or Sprays for Surface Disinfection?
Our online survey revealed a preference for impregnated wipes with manufacturer-specified contact times of 5 minutes or less.

Certify Your Staff in Hand Hygiene
A quick but formal evaluation process promotes awareness and compliance.

Mastering Image Management
Coordinating clinical information to get your surgeons what they need, when they need it.

The Tug-of-War for High-Risk Patients
As the battle for patients heats up, are your anesthesia providers too conservative when it comes to taking on challenging cases?

9 Habits of Highly Efficient Cataract Facilities
Fine-tune your system to match your caseload.

7 Tips for Going Paperless
Adopt an EMR system that's easy to use and effective.

Strategies to Prevent OR Fires
Minimize the convergence of the ever-present elements of the fire triangle - ignition source, fuel source and oxidizer.

Thinking of Buying...Endoscopy Towers
High-definition video and contrast lighting have changed the field.


Editor's Page
Recuperating at the Hilton

Ideas That Work
Slipper socks for the homeless

Tripped Up By Look-Alike / Sound-Alike Drugs?

Legal Update
Can Anesthesiologists Own Shares in ASCs?

Infection Prevention
Can You Read a Sterilizer Load Receipt?

Coding & Billing
Spine Surgery Coding Simplified

Business Advisor
Disposable vs. Laundered Textiles

Product News
Vital signs monitoring, latex-free surgical gloves, knee and hand positioners and more.

Behind Closed Doors
Where Does This Rate On the Stupid Scale?

June 2010

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