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8 Ways to Improve Your OR Air Quality
Employ a mix of engineering controls and best practices to clear the air of harmful contaminants.

Keeping Patients Warm Throughout Surgery
Think patient warming starts and stops with a heated blanket in pre-op? Think again. You need a combination of techniques to keep patients safe and comfortable.

Get Paid for Nerve Blocks Every Time
5 steps toward pain management payment.

6 Tips for Successful Anesthesia Fast-Tracking
Collaboration and communication are key to avoiding bottlenecks.

How to Outfit Your New Eye OR
Four new ORs helped my surgery center add cases and surgeons to a maxed-out caseload.

Tools & Technologies to Help You Get Paid Faster
Take a scalpel to your days in A/R with these online revenue cycle management solutions.

Overcoming an SSI Outbreak
How do you track and treat patients with surgical site infections when they're discharged long before trouble arises?

Practical Electrosurgery Buying Tips
Your surgeons will probably want an electrosurgery unit from a familiar manufacturer, but keep in mind who else handles these units.


Editor's Page
Checklists, Because We're Ignorant and Inept

Letters & E-mails
CRNA Salary Comparison Flawed

Kathy Bryant Is Stepping Down
Since 1998, she's been the face and figurehead of the ASC industry.

Ideas That Work
Don't Gamble on Dirty Instruments

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

This Just In
What Does ObamaCare Mean for You?

Coding & Billing
Inside the New Spinal Block Codes

Anesthesia Alert
A Radical Propofol Proposal

Legal Update
Are Antitrust Actions Worth Pursuing?

Medical Malpractice
Case Canceled? Don't Just Leave a Message

Behind Closed Doors
Anatomy of an OR Nurse

April 2010

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