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Inside the "Non-Recall Recall" of the SS1
Citing safety concerns and a product that's been modified but never approved, the FDA is giving Steris System 1 owners 6 months to buy another reprocessor.

Are You Overworked and Underpaid?
Join the club. According to our 7th annual salary survey, surgical administrators believe they're worth a lot more than they're making.

The ENT Surgeon Who Gave Genital Exams
The CRNA who blew the whistle has been terminated by the hospital. The surgeon remains.

12 Pearls for Cataract Case Efficiency
One of the nation's busiest eye centers shares the secrets of its success.

Prepping for the Fight Against SSIs
Take our 5-question quiz on reducing infection risks in the OR.

What's New in Transcription Options
Telephone services are still popular even though computer software is available to do the job.

Treating a Latex Allergy Reaction
How to identify, treat and prevent allergic anaphylaxis in your ORs.

Technology for Heading Off Drug Diversion
Tools to help prevent addicted employees from stealing medications.

Economizing Your Anesthesia Expenses
Engage your providers in reducing supply costs and wastes.

Thinking of Buying...Pathology Services
Finding the right lab to entrust with your tissue specimens.


Editor's Page
What a Week

Ideas That Work
Check Your Scopes for Damage

Don't Let Bad Apples Spoil Your Bunch

Medical Malpractice
$1 Million Regional Anesthesia Verdict

Business Advisor
7 Belt-Tightening Tips You Can Try Today

Infection Prevention
How to Appoint Your Infection Preventionist

Coding & Billing
When to Bypass Medicare Edits

Legal Update
When an ASC Dials 911

Product News
Reusable gowns, disinfectant towels for on the go, an articulating mechanical stapler and more.

Behind Closed Doors
Sci-Fi Surgery

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