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High on the Job: Drug Abuse Among Surgical Staff
Addicts will stop at nothing to get their hands on the next fix. Here's how you can stay one step ahead of them.

Cataract Case Costing Down to the Penny
Find out how to cost your cataract cases down to the tape that you use to cover the patient's non-procedural eye (3¢).

Are Your ORs Smoke Free?
They should be. Here's expert advice to overcome the 3 obstacles you're likely to encounter.

What's New in Anesthesia
The latest in drug storage and labeling, ultrasound guidance, patient warming and more generated a buzz on the show floor at the recent ASA conference.

7 Ways to Prevent Slips and Falls in the OR
Eliminate cords, clutter, puddles and other hazards that can lead to workplace injuries.

Leaving Latex Behind
When this ASC opened in new quarters, it did so minus the risk of a hazardous allergy.

Who Services Your Scopes?
The pros and cons of relying on the equipment manufacturer vs. using a third-party vendor.

Does This Belong in Red Bag Waste?
Take this quiz to find out where you can reduce your waste costs.

How We're Stamping Out Sharps Injuries
When disposable sharps started showing up at sterile processing, this hospital sprang into action.

What Do You Know About Regional Anesthesia?
Test your knowledge of the history, applications and safety of nerve blocks.


Editor's Page
Perverse Incentives

Ideas That Work
Plan Effective Fire Drills

How We Developed a Collegiality Policy

Medical Malpractice
What to Do When Patients Claim Awareness

Business Advisor
Right-sizing Your Malpractice Insurance

Coding & Billing
Compartmentalizing Knee Arthroscopy Cases

Talk Your Way to a Culture of Safety

Legal Update
Tweet, Tweet Goes Patient Information

Product News
Closed Sterilization Trays

Infection Prevention
Are You Ready for the Second Wave of H1N1?

Anesthesia Alert
Is It Time to Recall Your Recall Policy?

Behind Closed Doors
The Gifts of Surgery

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