Archive November 2009 X, No. 11


The ASC Industry's Extreme Makeover
Can a new lobbying committee backed by corporate partners create a new image for ambulatory surgery centers?

Building My Dream Scope Reprocessor
5 features that would improve how we care for our flexible endoscopes.

9 Tips for Smarter Equipment Purchasing
There are deals out there, if you know how to grab them.

How We Found the Right Lithotripter Service
5 questions you need to ask before you hire an outsourcing company.

On Trial: Ophthalmic Microscopes
We put the latest scopes to the test.

7 Infection Prevention Tips for Cataract Surgery
A little attention to detail goes a long way toward preventing endophthalmitis, TASS and other post-op complications.

A Guide to Fluid Waste Disposal
Dumping and solidifying are easy. Closed systems are faster and safer.

Materials That Help Reduce Pressure Injuries
The latest in devices and materialsthat redistribute pressure to prevent tissue damage.

Simple Strategies to Automate 5 Critical Functions
Getting the most from your facility management software.

What Do You Know About Products Treated With Antimicrobials?
Test your knowledge about device-related infections and the antimicrobial coatings that can help prevent them.

Thinking of Buying...High-definition Displays
5 questions to ask to get a clearer picture of HD.


Editor's Page
Pleasing Your Surgeons

Letters & E-mails
Where's the eye protection?

This Just In
CMS Clarifies Flash Sterilization Guidelines

Ideas That Work
Interviewing for the Right Attitude

Surgical Snapshots
Our readers weigh in on buying surgeons lunch, watching their weight and taking vacation.

Legal Update
Take Caution With Leased Employees

Medical Malpractice
When in Doubt, Write It Out

Business Advisor
How Does Your Business Office Rate?

Coding & Billing
Keep Out of the OIG's Crosshairs in 2010

OR Excellence
See why Outpatient Surgery's inaugural meeting in San Francisco was such a huge success.

Infection Prevention
5 Trouble Spots in the Endo Suite

Anesthesia Alert
Remove the Road Blocks to Regional Success

Product News
Steam sterilization, hernia repair, a quicker cure for malignant hyperthermia and more.

Behind Closed Doors
Are You Superstitious?

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