Archive September 2009 X, No. 9


1st Annual OR Excellence Awards
Profiles of the 6 facilities that have taken surgical care to the next level.

Growth Secrets of High-volume Eye Surgery Centers
Secrets to success at some of the nation's busiest ophthalmology services.

Does It Make Sense to Outsource Your Billing?
Greater cash flow, lower A/R days and access to experts are just a few of the ways this surgery center profited from the switch.

What Do You Know About Skin Preparation?
Test your knowledge of this essential first step.

Right-sizing Your Orthopedic Imaging Equipment
Advice on choosing C-arms and tables that are right for you.

How We Switched to Case Carts
Stocking a cart the night before with everything needed for a case saves time and money.

Which Software System Is Right for You?
5 questions you need to ask yourself before bringing new technology online.


Editor's Page
In Praise of Perioperative Nursing

Letters & E-mails
Fentanyl diversion was avoidable

Ideas That Work
Paperless Meetings

Business Advisor
Getting Paid for Implants

Coding & Billing
Mastering Podiatry Coding

Infection Prevention
Who's Responsible for Cleaning That?

Set Your Sights on Improved Surgical Marking

Legal Update
Mergers Are Up, Multiples Are Down

Anesthesia Alert
Preparing for Paperless Anesthesia Records

Behind Closed Doors
An Apple a Day

September 2009

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