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Is It Time to Add Spine?
With the right partners, support staff and equipment, you can make this profitable and growing specialty the backbone of your facility

Can You Reach 5 Key Colonoscopy Benchmarks?
Here's advice for kicking your GI practice up a notch.

What Do You Know About...High-Definition Video?
Test your knowledge and review the technical details about this revolution in how you'll see surgery.

What's New for Orthopedic Surgery
A surgeon takes you on a tour of the exhibit hall at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' annual meeting.

Safety Scalpels and Sutures Have Come a Long Way
Safety-engineered devices feel better, cut better — and still reduce injury and infection in the OR.

New Tools and Techniques for Regional Anesthesia
Advances that promise to improve the ease of block performance, block success rates and complications.

Evaluating Your Tissue Cutting and Sealing Options
The latest devices work on much larger vessels, making them valuable tools in a growing number of specialties.

Preparing for a Paperless Future
How to clear the cost and planning hurdles that can derail your conversion to electronic health records.

Thinking of Buying...Stretcher and Chair Tables
A review of patient transport equipment that doubles as operating tables.


Editor's Page
Falling Short Where It Matters Most

This Just In
Medicare’s New Conditions of Coverage

Ideas That Work
Start Your Own News Channel

Business Advisor
Is Your Surgery Center Ripe for Sale?

Coding & Billing
5 Ways to Prepare for the ICD-10 Transition

Product News
Syringes designed for automated dispensing, a head-mounted video camera and a unique time out reminder.

Anesthesia Alert
A New Sedation Technique for GI Endoscopy

Behind Closed Doors
Life as a Traveling Nurse

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