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Economy Got You Down?
The elective surgery business is not recession-proof. Our readers share their belt-tightening strategies to get you through these tough times.

Would You Hug Your Child Wearing Soiled Scrubs?
Our hospital provides staff with professionally laundered scrubs that aren't allowed to leave the building.

What to Look for in a Pain C-arm
The right fluoroscopic imaging equipment is crucial to the success and profitability of your interventional pain management cases.

Protect Your Patients' Skin
A simple patient skin assessment tool can help reduce the risk of pressure injuries at your facility.

What's New With Endoscopes
From advanced articulation to improved image sensors and wireless HD capabilities, these rigid and semi-rigid instruments are evolving along with the surgical techniques they serve.

Steps to a Better Scrub
It's time to take a closer look at this routine practice.

Software Solutions for the Cost-conscious OR
The latest technology takes the hassle out of tracking case costs.

Computer-assisted Orthopedic Surgery
Are your orthopods ready for image-guided surgery?

Are You in Control of Your Controlled Substances?
Here's how to prevent drugs from disappearing from your facility.

Thinking of Buying...Anesthesia Carts
Easily access medications needed at the point of care.


Editor's Page
Embezzlement, the Ultimate Betrayal

This Just In
Report: Nimbler ASCs Win

Ideas That Work
A Pager for Every Patient

Medical Malpractice
4 Common Sense Rules to Avoid Getting Sued

Best Practices
Decrease Your Colonoscopy Procedure Times

Legal Update
Wage and Hour Law Basics

Coding & Billing
Expanded Hernia Repair Coding Options

Back to Basics
Hand Off With Care

Anesthesia Alert
How Do You Anesthetize Cataract Patients?

Product News
A table that slides, rotates and transports patients and a glove that can warn you of danger.

Surgery's Checks and Balances

Infection Prevention
Are Those Instruments Really Sterile?

Behind Closed Doors
The Plants in Your OR

April 2009

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