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In Search of the Perfect Surgical Glove
You can imagine it — but can you touch it?

Maximize Your Insurance Reimbursement
Nine tips to avoid denials and collect all that's owed to you.

Inside a Successful Safety Scalpel Trial
We'll show you how to lay the groundwork for a hassle-free conversion to safety sharps.

Understanding Cataract Surgery Systems
Playing your part in your facility's phaco purchase.

Is One-Minute Contact Time Enough?
Find out if a product that evaporates before specified kill times is effective.

Making Sense of Vital Signs Monitors and EMRs
A primer on getting anesthesia devices to talk to each other.

Take Our Electrosurgery Safety Quiz
Find out if you know how to protect patients from getting burned by high-frequency current.

What Do You Know About...Vascular Access?
Test your knowledge and review the evidence on IV starts.

Thinking of Buying...Patient Warming Devices
A review of the many choices we have for maintaining normothermia.

State Rep. Susan King, RN
Texas nurse lawmaker co-owns a surgical center with her husband.


Editor's Page
Scratching the Surface of Surface Disinfection

Ideas That Work
Run a Great Board Meeting

Can Winnie the Pooh Solve Lateral Violence?

Medical Malpractice
Are You Ready for Electronic Discovery?

Back to Basics
Keys to Successful Pre- and Post-op Briefings

Legal Update
Reviewed Your Governing Documents Lately?

Coding & Billing
25 Tips for Correctly Coding Colonoscopies

Anesthesia Alert
4 Ways to Save on Anesthesia

Path Lab
Reducing Path Errors From the OR to the Lab

Behind Closed Doors
An Ode to the Scents of Surgery

February 2009

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