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Archive December 2008 IX, No. 12


10 Pearls for Safe Medication Practices
A pharmacy consultant offers practical advice for protecting your patients.

Can OR Briefings Prevent Errors?
A study says a two-minute checklist confirms that you have the correct patient for the correct operation.

Don't Get Burned By Electrosurgery
Device failures and operator errors can pose serious risks to patients. Here are the keys to understanding the dangers of electrosurgery.

6 Ways to Improve Hand-rub Compliance
It takes equal parts creativity and persistence.

Are Your Patients Full of Hot Air?
They should be. Heating and humidifying CO2 reduces post-op pain and promotes faster recoveries.

Fat Emulsion to the Rescue
Lipid emulsion therapy can resuscitate patients who've suffered cardiac collapse after local anesthetic administration.

How to Run a Fire Drill
Train your staff to remain calm, cool and collected during a code red emergency.

What's Hot in Ophthalmic Surgery?
Find out how surgical facilities across the country feel about smaller incision sizes, premium IOLs, adding retina and more.

What I Saw at ASA
A look at the latest products for anesthesia, monitoring and warming.

Thinking of Buying...Patient Positioning Devices
Safety and efficacy should be your guides.


Editor's Page
Will Pay-in-Advance Policy for Surgery Add Up?

Ideas That Work
Purple scrubs

Coding & Billing
Coding Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Medical Malpractice
Shopping Smart for Malpractice Insurance

Legal Update
The Straight Scoop on Economic Credentialing

Business Advisor
Convincing Surgeons to Invest in Your ASC

Protect Your Staff from Radiation

Behind Closed Doors
Give a Man a Fish and He Will Eat for a Day

December 2008

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