Archive November 2008 IX, No. 11


Rev Up Your Recovery Room
Here's a snapshot of today's PACU, gleaned from a survey of more than 200 surgical facilities.

10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Inventory Management
Protect the stacks of cash on your shelves.

Site Marking Q & A
A refresher course on the patient safety strategy.

Skin Prep Pop Quiz
Surprise! Here are 5 surgical prep questions you need to ace.

The Value of Video
How surgical documentation can benefit your surgeons and your center.

A Challenging Cataract Surgery Case
How we dealt with a patient who was unable to tolerate the supine position for routine cataract surgery.

Pain Pumps to the Rescue
Adding continuous nerve blocks to your post-op pain management protocol can get your patients walking down the road to recovery sooner.

Your New Tonsillectomy Options
The latest methods reduce post-op pain and tissue damage by using less heat. Which is right for you?

8 Ways to Improve Your GI Efficiency
Tips you can use to manage the new rules governing gastroenterology.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Endoscope Care
Follow these helpful hints to avoid the handling errors that damage these fragile instruments.

Thinking of Buying...An Ophthalmic Microscope
Compare new technology with reconditioned scopes' advantages.


Editor's Page
Don't Reinvent the Wheel - Just Mark the Site

Letters & E-mails
Regional Block Safety

Ideas That Work
Relaxation Station

Surgical Safety? Check!

Surfing for Answers

Coding & Billing
21 Little-known CPT Coding Tips

Legal Update
Safety Outside of the Safe Harbor

Behind Closed Doors
What Planet Are You From?

November 2008

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