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Archive October 2008 IX, No. 10


8 Ways to Make Anesthesia Safer
Give your anesthesia providers the ability to deal with complications.

The Path to Regional Success
How we learned to use regional nerve blocks to manage post-op pain and keep our patients - and surgeons - smiling after surgery.

Tools for Airway Management
Prepare your anesthesia providers for difficult cases.

Is Your Code Cart Ready?
12 ideas to make your code cart responsive and med-safe.

Should You Add Glaucoma?
The specialty might be a viable option if you're looking to augment your cataract caseload.

Secrets to Saving With Your GPO
Find out how to get your money's worth.

Mock Surveys Done Right
Tips for helping your staff ace their most important test.

ABC's of Surface Disinfection
Your guide to cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces.

Could Your Procedure Packs Use a Trim?
Our reader survey shows how regularly monitoring your packs' contents and usage can help you cut costs and root out waste.

Update on ASC Enterprise Software
In-depth capsules of the four major packages available to you.

Thinking of Buying...A C-arm
Image quality is key, as are archiving, upgrading and maneuverability.


Editor's Page
What Is OR Excellence?

Letters & E-mails
Vendors Are Bullied, Too

This Just In
OR Walls Made of Steel

Ideas That Work
Improved Medication Safety

Business Advisor
Physicians, Cover Thy Assets

Coding & Billing
Improper Coding's Impact on Your Bottom Line

Medical Malpractice
Pointing Fingers Sinks Everyone's Ship

Legal Update
Are Your Medical Directorships Legitimate?

Back to Basics
Zero Tolerance for Wrong-site Surgery

Behind Closed Doors
And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

October 2008

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