Archive June 2008 IX, No. 6


Are Your EMRs Secure?
Answer these five questions to see if you're taking the necessary steps to protect patient information from prying eyes.

On Display: The Latest in Vital Signs Monitors
Photos of and factoids on 15 models in our special 4-page gatefold.

A Warming Trend
Our reader survey shows that more facility managers are warming patients throughout the perioperative course to curb unintended hypothermia.

How to Get the Most Out of Cataract Outsourcing
Understanding your costs is the key to a profitable fee-per-case scenario.

A Scar is Born
Creating the best possible scar begins before you pick up a scalpel.

What's New in Minimally Invasive Surgery
Here's a look at the latest technology that was on display at the 2008 SAGES exhibit hall.

New Options in Endoscopy Sedation
How will the Sedasys System and a propofol variant called Aquavan alter patient care?

Thinking of Buying...A Smoke Evacuation System
Consider suction, filtration and, most importantly, users' input.


Editor's Page
ASCA's Debut Conference a Hit

Letters & E-mails
Anesthesia Clearance

This Just In
Lobbyist Supreme

Ideas That Work
Save with Temp Strips

Business Advisor
When Building, Bigger May Be Better

5 Steps to a Clutter-free Surgical Facility

Medical Malpractice
Sometimes It's OK to Say "I'm Sorry"

Legal Update
Does Equity Have to be Equal?

Coding & Billing
Are Your Surgeons Costing You Money?

Back to Basics
Enforce Your OR's Dress Code

6 Tips for Managing Vendor Visits

Infection Prevention
Can You Spot the Error of Their Ways?

Behind Closed Doors
What's the Weather Like in OR 3?

June 2008

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