Archive March 2008 IX, No. 3


The Economics of Peripheral Nerve Blocks
How to document, bill and actually get paid for regional blocks.

Our Readers Come Clean on Home-laundered Scrubs
Is home-laundering scrubs an easy place to save money without jeopardizing patient or staff safety?

Administer Antibiotics Right on Time
How to infuse your pre-op antibiotic protocol with precision.

Is Accreditation Really Worth It?
If it's true that a facility can provide excellent care without becoming accredited, why bother? The answers may surprise you.

Making Phaco More OR-friendly
These machines' innovations assist your staff as well as your surgeons.

Wipe Away Surface Trouble
The proper delivery of disinfectants is as important as their bacteria-killing properties.

How to Get the Most for Your Money When Buying Refurbished Equipment
Facility managers share their experiences with the secondhand market.

New Options in IV Delivery
Innovative new designs are making manifolds easier to use, ensuring more accurate drug delivery and preventing infection.

Thinking of Buying...A Fluid Waste Disposal System
Compare methods, cost them out and catch them in action


Editor's Page
Enough With the Reimbursement Gimmicks

Letters & E-mails
The Unknown RN is Named

This Just In
Aetna Postpones Propofol Policy

Ideas That Work
A Pain Scale for All Patients

Business Advisor
The Bus Stops Here

Let's Not Eat Our Young

Medical Malpractice
Patient Falls from Operating Table and Dies

Legal Update
Vetting Vendor Arrangements

Coding & Billing
How to Get Paid for Corneal Tissue

How We Created a Safety Society

Infection Prevention
Flash Much?

Path Lab
How Would You Like to Receive Your Path Reports?

Product News
Sterilizer Promises Fewer Aborted Cycles

Behind Closed Doors
Career Opportunities

March 2008

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