Archive January 2008 IX, No. 1


Any Way You Slice It
Readers offer up their salary and staffing concerns.

Secrets to Our Cataract Case Efficiency
The right equipment and a dedicated staff will send patients safely and quickly through your facility.

Fast-Track Surgery Tips
Inside one hospital's quest to discharge patients faster.

Get Out of Denial
How to appeal returned and underpaid claims - and win.

Is Your Facility Ready for Lap Cholecystectomies?
Experts offer advice on what you need to get started with this procedure and make it efficient.

Less Medical Waste, Fewer Infections
New ways to dispose of fluids and sharps can improve your facility's bottom line.

Thinking of Buying...Patient Warming Devices
Negotiate their costs, test their features and study their efficiency.


Editor's Page
The Year in Review

Letters & E-mails
Who Should Sedate GI Patients?

This Just In
Insurer Ending Payments for Anesthesiologists Monitoring Routine Colonoscopies

Ideas That Work
Safety Sheriffs

Here's to a Balanced 2008

Legal Update
Facility Fees for Doc-owned ASCs Under Fire

Coding & Billing
Most Common ASC and Hospital Billing Errors

Business Advisor
How to Create Your Succession Plan

Anesthesia Alert
How Long Before You Subsidize Anesthesia?

Path Lab
Do's and Don'ts of Specimen Handling

Let's Meet on a Neutral Field

Product News
The Only Generic Equivalent to Dantrium IV

Behind Closed Doors
Divided By a Common Knowledge

January 2008