Archive October 2007 VIII, No. 10


Your Guide to Patient Payment Plans
What you need to know before you do cases on credit.

How Does Your Cataract Service Compare?
Check out these national benchmarks and ways to improve the areas where you're lacking.

Anesthesia and the New Economics of GI
With GI reimbursements taking a hit under the new ASC payment system, how will surgery centers afford anesthesia services for endoscopic procedures?

Kick Your Pain Services Up a Notch
These advanced procedures will take your facility beyond the 15-minute, inspect-and-inject procedures.

Should You Add Mobile Lithotripsy?
Portable technology and Medicare reimbursement make this procedure a lucrative outsourcing opportunity.

Make Your Confrontations Constructive
Follow these tips to improve your communication skills when they're needed most.

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Anesthesia Cart
Experts offer advice on how to keep your cart's contents accessible and organized.

Can You Pass This Intraoperative Awareness Quiz?
Test your awareness of awareness.

How to Make Continuous Infusions Work
10 tips from experienced practitioners.

Thinking of Buying...Anesthesia Workstations
From ventilators to vaporizers, separating your wants from your needs.


Editor's Page
Manifest Your Destiny

Letters & E-mails
Indecent Exposure?

This Just In
Former Sales Rep Busted in Scope Thefts

Ideas That Work
Eco-friendly IV supply transports

So, You Think You're a Good Manager?

Medical Malpractice
7 Tips to Prevent a Medical Malpractice Suit

Coding & Billing
Self-Audits Made Easy

Legal Update
When Hospitals Play Hardball

Business Advisor
How to Give a Great Talk

Is Your Wrong-site Surgery Protocol Foolproof?

Anesthesia Alert
A Better Way to Predict Operative Risk

Infection Prevention
Which GI Patients Should Get Antibiotics?

Product News
Surgical Support Garments Your Patients Will Love

Behind Closed Doors
Are You Ready for Some Football?

October 2007

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