Archive September 2007 VIII, No. 9


Can GI Pass Its Toughest Test?
Find out what endo centers must do to survive Medicare payment cuts.

QI Studies That Work
The keys to developing and implementing successful quality improvement programs.

Booms Done Right
Plenty of OR managers have gone bust with their booms. Don't you be next. Here's advice for a successful installation.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Ophthalmic Microscope?
A look at the features that can improve the efficiency of today's new scopes.

A Focus on Fibroids
Minimally invasive procedures offer safe and effective alternatives to hysterectomy for treating menorrhagia.

How to Make Laparoscopy More Ergonomic
Tips to ease the strain and pain of minimally invasive surgery.

Make the Switch to Safety Scalpels
How to tap into the power to change surgeon behaviors.

How To Become a Latex-safe Facility
Building a culture of latex safety requires identification, evaluation and education.

Keys to Maintaining Your Steam Autoclave
Paying attention to the little things will keep your steam sterilizer running effectively, load after load.

Update on Sinus Balloon Surgery
This new procedure could dramatically ease the recovery period for sinusitis sufferers.

Thinking of Buying...Electrosurgery Safety Devices
How to prevent internal thermal injuries during laparoscopic surgery.


Editor's Page
What Did GI Do to Deserve This?

Letters & E-mails
Billing for implants

This Just In
CMS releases Stark Phase III regulations

Ideas That Work
Improved FNA specimen collection

Rumor Has It That Gossip Is a Problem

Coding & Billing
Foot Surgery Coding Q&A

Anesthesia Alert
When Nerve Blocks Wear Off

How to Create a Useful Safety Manual

Product News
Getting Strict With Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing

Infection Prevention
Can You Find What's Wrong With These Pictures?

Behind Closed Doors
Pick Your Poison

September 2007

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