Archive August 2007 VIII, No. 8


Pitfalls to Avoid in Instrument Reprocessing
Follow these protocols to increase the longevity and efficacy of surgical instruments.

Dissecting the Revised ASC Payment System
What the sweeping reimbursement changes mean to you.

Can You Expand Your Surgical Space Without Building On?
A panel of architects says it's possible, with limitations.

Cool Surgical Lights
Not only are shadows and bulb replacement absent with the new LEDs, so is heat. Here's what you need to know about lighting's latest.

The Latest In Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Advances in phaco technology were the big hit at this year's ASCRS conference.

Making The Case For Smoke Evacuation
Educate your staff on the risks to reap a safer OR environment.

Where's the Rub on Alcohol?
Alcohol-based surgical rubs are sometimes criticized, but are the concerns valid?

Equipment Financing Rules to Live By
7 simple steps to get the best deal from your lender.


Editor's Page
So Much to Say, So Little Space. Where to Begin?

Letters & E-mails
Follow your heart to the OR

This Just In
Hospital introduces new "silent hospital" program

Ideas That Work
Block time: use it or lose it

Make Your New Hires Feel at Home

Medical Malpractice
Tips on Documenting Your Patient's Positioning

Coding & Billing
Coming in October: 100+ New ICD-9 Codes

Product News
What's Around the Corner for Flexible Endoscopes?

Infection Prevention
Plasma or Ozone: Which Is Better For You?

Behind Closed Doors
What Were They Thinking?

August 2007

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