Archive July 2007 VIII, No. 7


The Horizons of Intraoperative Imaging
How in-OR fluoroscopy is advancing beyond the C-arm.

Keys to Success With Ultrasound-guided Nerve Blocks
Increase the speed of performance and the quality of peripheral nerve blocks.

Inside the Digital OR
A sampling of the technology that makes real-time visual integration and display come to life.

Should Your ORs Go High-Def?
How to get the best buy on video systems.

5 Reasons to Record Your Surgery
You can use high-quality videos and still images for documenting, e-mailing, presenting, duplicating and archiving patient data.

Is Tracking Technology For You?
How we made patient and instrument tracking work for us.

Busting 10 IT Myths
A pro separates hard-wired fact from computing fiction.

Secrets to Saving with Reprocessed SUDs
Why aren't more surgical facilities using third-party reprocessors?

Managers Get Tough on Implants
Surgeons who once insisted on pricey implants let facility managers hunt for the best price.

Thinking of Buying...Phaco Machines
You want power, accuracy and ease of use.


Editor's Page
For Safety's Sake, They've Put Animosity Aside

Letters & Emails
Endovenous ablation outstrips ligation

This Just In
OIG frowns on common hospital-physician joint venture

Ideas That Work
The cure for empty-room syndrome

Clear The Air With Your Smokers

Anesthesia Alert
How Much of a Cardiac Work-up Is Too Much?

Coding & Billing
The Costs of Converting to APCs

Infection Prevention
Test Your Pre-op Skin Prepping Knowledge

5 Steps to Improved C-arm Safety

Behind Closed Doors
It's Not My Fault!

July 2007

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