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13 Billing Strategies to Get Paid Faster
Are your profits tied up in accounts receivable? These tips will help you collect from payers and patients more quickly.

Steer Clear of Faulty Repair Contracts
Follow these tips and you'll never be stuck with a subpar service deal again.

7 Steps to Implant Profitability
Competition is healthy, and there's room for negotiations to ensure everyone wins.

6 Reasons Going Green Is a Bright Idea
Eco-friendly building is a whole lot easier and more affordable than it used to be, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Eye Preps: When You Can't Use Povidone-Iodine
How to determine true iodine allergy and how to pick an alternative agent.

More Efficient Shoulder Arthroscopy
Improve your case flow through staffing, equipping and scheduling.

The Rise of Hip Resurfacing Spurs Debate
This repair is said to improve on joint replacement, but not without a few cautions.

Prepping for the Colonoscopy Cuts
Experts say smaller reimbursements will re-emphasize case efficiency and cost control.

Should You Add Spine Surgery?
Reimbursement, case volume and capital expenses are key to outpatient neurosurgery.

The Essentials of Competency Programs for Ambulatory Surgery and Hospital Outpatient Settings
Continuing Education

Crash Cart Essentials
A guide to the equipment and supplies you hope to never use.

7 Keys To Successful Outsourcing
Here's how to get the most out of your contracts with outside vendors.

Thinking of Buying...Power Tools
How much speed, power and torque do you need?


Editor's Page
Needle-free, Portable Pain Pumps Gaining Favor

This Just In
Joint Commission Highlights Patient Health Literacy

Is Your Staff Making the Grade?

Ideas That Work
Find the Right Biomedical Engineering Service

Business Advisor
6 Office Tasks That You Can Automate

Coding & Billing
Winners and Losers for 2008

Anesthesia Alert
'I Thought I Was Supposed to be Asleep For This'

Product News
What's In Your Turnover Kits?

Five Steps to Fewer Patient Falls

Infection Control
Are You Reprocessing Laryngoscopes Correctly?

Behind Closed Doors
It's Not Just the Surgeons...

March 2007

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