Archive February 2007 VIII, No. 2


Getting a Clear Picture of HDTV
High-def technology's impact on surgery could be revolutionary.

What You Need to Know About the New Generic Anesthetics
The non-name-brand formulations of popular therapies cost less, but are they as effective?

Should You Add Phakic IOLs?
This removable alternative to LASIK is a logical addition for surgical facilities already performing cataract surgery.

Connecting Anesthesia Monitors to EMRs
Insider tips on what to consider when creating an electronic medical record of anesthesia data.

The Challenges of Cosmetic Wound Closure
When appearance counts, recovery is built on technique and technology.

27 Endoscopy Benchmarks
Here's a national snapshot of operational and financial data.

Thinking of Buying...Fluid Waste Management Devices
Here's how to protect your staff and choose the system that's right for you.


Editor's Page
HDTV - From Family Room to Operating Room

Letters & Emails
No scientific evidence on anesthesia provider preference

This Just In
IQ provision removed from bariatric policy

Ideas That Work
Make your facility a doc destination

Choosing Their Own Carolyn Skaff

Legal Update
Simultaneous Syndication and Sale

Business Advisor
How to Make a Smooth OR-to-PACU Handoff

Coding & Billing
Prostate Biopsy Technique in Search of a CPT Code

Medical Malpractice Quiz
Would Intra-op Monitor Have Prevented Paralysis?

Anesthesia Alert
Preventing PONV in Pediatric Patients

Product News
Prevent Patient Positioning Injuries

Behind Closed Doors
Now and Then, and Then Again...

February 2007