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9 PACU Pick-me-ups
How to get your patients on their feet and on their way home sooner.

How We Made Part-time Staffing Work
Moving to this model helps control payroll expenses in the face of diminishing reimbursements. Plus, 2006 salary survey results.

Coming Clean on Hand Hygiene: How Much Do You Really Know?
Hand hygiene is your first defense against SSIs and, increasingly, against preventing MRSA transmission.

Regional Anesthesia for Pediatric Patients
Understanding the anatomic differences between adults and children is one key to safety when administering blocks to your young patients.

Procedures on Wheels
Could you benefit from services that bring equipment and technicians to you?

Understand the Science of Patient Warming
Avoiding hypothermia in the OR goes beyond blankets and blowers.

Are You Prepared for the Colonoscopy Boom?
Here's how to cope with the pressure to do more for less.

Thinking of Buying...Surgical Headlights
Light quality and comfort are key to selecting headlamps for your surgeons.


Editor's Page
No Parking in the PACU

Letters & E-mail
IV drug ban is poor solution

This Just In
From ASC to hospital

Ideas That Work
Get creative with greeting cards

Legal Update
Happy or Sad Days for Doc-owned Hospitals?

Business Advisor
Don't Let Sloppy Hiring Get You in Trouble

Coding & Billing
Penalize Patients Who Cancel Surgery

Product News
How to Pick the Perfect Defibrillator

Infection Prevention
Is Silver the New Gold Standard Against Infections?

Behind Closed Doors
Will This Case Ever End?

January 2007

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