Archive December 2006 VII, No. 12


The Stop Sticks Campaign Wants You
If you're serious about reducing sharps injuries, you'll have to win over the hearts and minds of your surgeons and staff.

Give Your Nurses a Lift
Our hospital's patient-handling program saves backs, bumps and bucks.

5 Ways to Prevent Upper Airway Fires
Here's how to keep your surgeons and staff ever mindful that cautery and lasers are ignition sources.

Prevent Patient Positioning Problems
Practical advice to reduce injuries from prolonged pressure and improper positioning.

Proper Use of Patient Warming Devices.

What's New for Anesthesia and Pain Management
A review of the newest products on display at the ASA annual meeting.

Keys to Successful Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Surgery
This method minimizes muscle injury and post-operative pain while improving post-operative mobilization and cosmesis.


Editor's Page
Is Stopping Sticks as Hard as Stopping Smoking?

Letters & Emails
Bridging the generation gap

This Just In
TASS continues to vex the experts

Ideas That Work
A do-it-yourself consent form

Building a Strong Back Office

Legal Update
Make It Easy for Young Surgeons to Buy In

Medical Malpractice Quiz
The Case of the Lost Airway

Business Advisor
Uncovering 12 Hidden Costs of Going Paperless

Coding & Billing
Coding in the New Year

Infection Prevention
A Refresher on Proper Gowning

Product News
Single-handed Scalpel Blade Removal

Behind Closed Doors
The Ten Commandments of Surgery

December 2006

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